Empowering Women in Côte dIvory Coast Through Entrepreneurial Education and Digital & Data Skills

There's a Problem That Needs Solving.

Current education systems were built for an economy and society that doesn't exist anymore. It is failing to produce the 4.5 million software engineers that are needed worldwide, to teach students the skills that companies actually need and will pay for, and to prepare students to be successful entrepreneurs and build viable ventures with solutions to local issues. Education needs revolutionizing.

We exist to close this gap and equip women with the 21st century skills they need to future-proof their careers and have an impact.

Life-changing programmes

Whether you're already an entrepreneur, or you're looking to become a software engineer with entrepreneurial abilities, you're in the right place!

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How We'll Prepare You for the Future.

Regardless of which program you choose, we develop the mindsets and skillsets that top employers look for and that you'll need to be successful as an entrepreneur. Either way, you'll be prepared to have an Impact.

The Numbers Speak For Themselves.

The innovative pedagogy will develop the skills that top employers around the world are looking and paying well for.



Our pedagogy is tried and tested across the world, with stronger employment outcomes than traditional approaches.


Of Students have a Job Before Graduating

Students at Zone 01 Schools have the skills the market wants and have gone on to work at


Higher Salaries

Students trained on this methodology have been able to get higher salaries than their peers.

$1 Billion

Portfolio Value

We've worked with entrepreneurs from across the world and have seen what works. Whether you start your own thing or work in tech, will leverage these learnings.



A huge, global network of entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, experts and partners is behind you.

30 Years

of Combined Experience

We've been training software engineers and entrepreneurs across the world for a long time - we're excited to bring this experience to you.

Our awesome features

No Exams. No Teachers.

And no classes. You are in charge of your success and defining your schedule and experience. Knowledge isn’t handed to you, but rather you work together to truly acquire it.

Real Challenges.

The entrepreneurial portion of the Seedstars Academy is entirely based on real life challenges - you’ll design a value proposition, test it with real customers/ partners/ suppliers and run experiments that produce actual evidence to support your business.

Our awesome features
Our awesome features

Peer to Peer.

Our methodology is created around peer to peer support. That means you work on challenges in teams with your colleagues, and have to figure things out together as a group, just like in real life.

World Class Mentors.

Our network of mentors will support you with guidance. They will share their feedback during key milestones & presentations you'll have to give, or while you're working on your experiments & challenges.

Our awesome features
Our awesome features

Gamified Experience.

The whole experience is designed as a game. You have challenges to tackle together with your team, but can go on individual "side quests" based on your personal interests and development goals.

It Will be Intense, but Worth It.


Have an Impact in Your Community

Our Tracks focus on building inherently impactful ventures, so if you’re here to make a difference, you’re at the right place!

Gain International Exposure, Locally

Best of both worlds: a vibrant campus to engage with peers and an extensive online, global support system.

Gain Real Life Experience

Learning is gamified and based on gaining real life experience - you get an education and work experience at the same time.

Plenty of Benefits.

Not only will you have access to transformational education or support for your businesses, but plenty of other resources to boost your career.

Introductions to Key Stakeholders

DigiFemmes' partners have access to a global network of entrepreneurs, mentors, investors, and hiring or business partners.


Connect with a community of inspiring women innovators and changemakers.


You'll have access to a local and international network of mentors that you'll work with one on one and in groups.

Support Finding a Job

We'll help you find a job at home or abroad using our network of partners and by preparing you with career support..

Access to Investors

If you're looking to fundraise for your business, we'll help you match with investors from across the globe and prepare you to tackle those conversations.

Infrastructure Support

You'll have 24/7 access to workspace with high speed internet, and, if you're participating in the DigiFemmes Academy Program, access to a laptop to work from.

A Team of Committed Partners is Behind You.

Funded by USAID and the Millennium Challenge Corporation, in partnership with Microsoft and ENSEA

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This program is independent of and complementary to the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) and Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) Compact programs also underway in Côte d'Ivoire.

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