Increasing the Competitiveness of Women Entrepreneurs Through Digital Transformation

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Gender Equity is Essential for Economic Growth.

There is increasing evidence that gender equality is a vital catalyst for economic growth. The United Nations published a report in 2016 demonstrating that the lower the score of a country on gender inequality, the faster it would grow economically. This was later reinforced by the International Monetary Fund which described the reduction of gender inequality as imperative to reaching better outcomes in terms of economic and social development (International Monetary Fund, 2018). While the economic benefits of empowering women are commonly accepted, the numbers confirm that we are lagging behind.

DigiFemme Empowers Ivorian Women With the Skills of the Future.

In Ivory Coast, the current participation of women in the SME sector is low, with only 24% of Ivorian ventures being currently women-led (WorldBank, 2016). Women entrepreneurs face multiple challenges when it comes to launching and growing their business, and principally lack access to training and a network of support within an enabling environment. DigiFemmes aims to address the data & digital skills gap by implementing a highly inclusive model that ultimately yields more sustainable WSMEs, more employable Ivorian women and a more inclusive innovation ecosystem.

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DigiFemmes runs two programs, one to work with existing WSMEs to develop their digital and data skills to grow their businesses, and another one to create new WSMEs by developing digital skills and helping talented women launch their own businesses.

The program also works with ecosystem stakeholders such as governments, investors and entrepreneurship support organizations to create a more supportive environment for skill development in female founders.

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DigiFemme Location and Cohort Timelines.

Collocated in coworking spaces in Abidjan and San Pedro, the program will provide participants with collaborative workspaces, reliable internet connection and a lively community. Two different participation tracks will be open to women who have already founded a small to medium-size business (W-SMEs) as well as women looking to gain additional data and digital skills (N-SMEs). Each track will run once a year for an initial 3 year period, with the potential to continue on a rolling basis.

Impact Across the Ivory Coast.

To increase the impact of the program, data and leadership trainings will be held for additional existing W-SMEs in Abidjan, San Pedro, Yamoussoukro, Bouaké, Daloa and Gagnoa. These will be coupled with events in these same cities for governments, corporations, investors, and Entrepreneurial Support Organizations focusing on the topic of gender equality.

Our awesome features

Let's Work Together to Do Even More.

There are lots of ways to partner to empower more Ivorian Women and Entrepreneurs with the Skills of the Future.

Become a Hiring Partner.

Our DigiFemmes Academy Programs trains full stack developers with specialities in Augmented Reality, Data Analysis & Machine Learning, Blockchain etc. Become a hiring partner to have access to a pipeline of top technical talent.

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Become an Innovation Partner.

Work with talented entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs to develop solutions to your innovation pain points, or build a pipeline of startups in your sector.

Become a Women's Champion.

Support participating women with cost of living stipends, day care facilities, or even sponsor women to attend from outside Abidjan.

Learn More About Our Programs.

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