DigiFemmes Academy

If you are a woman aspiring to learn the skills of the future and be a software engineer or entrepreneur, this Track is for you!

The Basics.

18 months to become a full stack developer. 6 months to learn the entrepreneurial skills of the future. Run by World Class Education Innovators. Start Date Cohort 1: January 2023 Location: Abidjan

The Numbers Speak For Themselves.

The innovative pedagogy will develop the skills that top employers around the world are looking and paying well for.



Our pedagogy is tried and tested across the world, with stronger employment outcomes than traditional approaches.


Of Students have a Job Before Graduating

Students at Zone 01 Schools have the skills the market wants and have gone on to work at.


Higher Salaries

Students trained on this methodology have been able to get higher salaries than their peers.

$1 Billion

Portfolio Value

We've worked with entrepreneurs from across the world and have seen what works. Whether you start your own thing or work in tech, will leverage these learnings.



A huge, global network of entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, experts and partners is behind you.

30 Years

of Combined Experience

We've been training software engineers and entrepreneurs across the world for a long time - we're excited to bring this experience to you.

Learn How to Learn.

We use innovative methods to help you learn how to learn. Our process develops the mindsets and skillsets that are in demand on the market in high-impact industries.

No Exams. No Teachers.

Real Challenges.

Peer to Peer.

World Class Mentors.

Gamified Experience.


Full Stack Developer. 18 Months.

You'll learn the skills to be an entry to mid level full stack developer by working individually in and in teams to solve challenges. Knowledge isn't handed to you, but rather you work to acquire. You don't need any previous coding experience. Watch the video to find out more about how it works.

Innovation Scientist.

Entrepreneurial skills are no longer needed just by entrepreneurs. Regardless of if you what career path you chose, these skills are critical for high performing employees as well, who can lead their companies to adapt, be agile and navigate a fast changing world. There are two phases of the venture building process: team building & ideation, and the iterative process of designing your business and testing your assumptions until you reach a high level of confidence that it will be viable.

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What You Will Learn.

Fully Equipped to Take on Junior-Mid Level Software Engineering Roles.

Go: backend development to build the entire logical chain of web applications Javascript: frontend development from Vanilla JS to complex frontend projects Rust: learn systems programming with priorities: cybersecurity, speed, systems architecture Data Science & Artificial Intelligence Computer graphics, including augmented and virtual reality Mobile Development using the Flutter Framework and Dart language DevOps & Cyber Security Blockchain, including smart contracts and protocol optimization

The Hustle of an Entrepreneur. The Rigor and Analytical Thinking of a Scientist.

The core elements of desirability, feasibility and viability that need to be validated for a successful business How to identify, prioritize, and validate the assumptions your business is based on How design, run and use experiments to inform your business design and increase your (and investors!) confidence that it will be successful Digital skills like no or low code tools, MVP and landing page builders, google analytics etc. Hard skills like excel and slides for various use cases, financial models, product design and management etc. Mindset skills like problem solving, analytical thinking, proactiveness, independence

Real World and Sector-Specific Experience

Because you will work on practical challenges and launch an actual venture tackling a specific, impactful problem, you will be exposed to business models, clients, suppliers, partners, and opportunities in a specific sector. This, combined with your entrepreneurial and software engineering skills make you incredibly valuable on the market.

Vibrant Campus Life.

The campus is not only a caring space for working and learning, but also a place to have fun, meet new people and connect with career opportunities and partners. We will be holding regular social events and job fairs. Our campus is located in Abidjan at Riviéra Bonoumin right next to the North-South University.

Our awesome features

Your Education is in Good Hands.

The Full Stack Developer training is run by Zone 01, one of the best coding schools in the world, and uses tried and tested peer to peer methodology developed by education pioneer Nicolas Sadirac. The 01 team has 20 years of experience teaching coding and is the team behind Epita, Epitech, Ecole 42, Alem School, 01 Founders and Webacademy - some of the best coding schools in Europe. They are also launching campuses across Africa in the coming months.

For Entrepreneurs, by Entrepreneurs.

The entrepreneurial training is run by Seedstars - we have 10 years of experience investing in (with a portfolio worth more than 1 Billion USD) and supporting entrepreneurs from more than 80 countries! There is a network of 250'000 entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, experts, and corporate partners here to not only support your venture, but also your personal development and career! Get a taste of who we are in the video.

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We are proud to offer worldclass education. At no cost to you.

Tuition for DigiFemmes Academy Track is fully funded by the Millenium Challenge Corporation and free for all women who pass the simple cognitive tests as well as the piscine phase and are eager to learn the skills of the future. However, you will need to cover your costs of living.

Let's get started!
  • 24 Months of Education
  • 1 Computer to Borrow
  • Vibrant Campus
  • Career Support
Apply Now!

What to expect

Opening of applications for cohort 3

Coming soon!

Piscine 1 / Piscine 2 (4 weeks of intensive courses)

Coming soon!

Launch of the Full Stack Developer program

Coming soon!

Launch of the incubation program

Coming soon!

How to Join.

You are a woman interested in the DigiFemmes Academy, please apply - we want to hear from you! There is no age limit, and no degree or previous experience required. All you need is the motivation to learn. Please find details on the selection process below.

Step 00 - Pre-Register Your Interest to be First to Know When Applications Open

Please fill in your details through application form!

Our awesome features
Step 01 - The online games

The application process starts with two online cognitive games that will require about 2 hours of your undivided attention. Zero coding skills required, only logic and memory. If you pass and are among the top participants, you’ll be invited to attend the digital check-in.

Our awesome features
Step 02 - The Check-In

The online check-in is mandatory if you wish to keep your spot in the Piscine, third step of the selection process. Here, you’ll be able to get a first look at our campus and meet our people. We’ll also present the general program schedule and overall plan for your journey at DigiFemme.

Our awesome features
The Piscine

The Piscine is an intensive 4–week introductory period on campus. During this phase, you’ll immerse yourself in the learning model and get a feel for the way the DigiFemmes Academy works. The Piscine will be the last step in defining who will enroll.

Our awesome features

Let's Do This. Apply Now.

Full Applications for the DigiFemmes Academy Track will open soon. Please register your interest through the form below so we can notify you when applications open.

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