DigiFemmes Entrepreneures

If you are a woman running an startup or SME who has growth ambitions and needs support taking your business to the next level, then this Track is for you!

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The Basics.

9 months to validate your core business assumptions and lay the foundation for growth and fundraising. Run by largest global network for entrepreneurial capacity building and funding in emerging markets.

The Numbers Speak For Themselves.

The innovative pedagogy will develop the skills that top employers around the world are looking and paying well for.

$1 Billion

Portfolio Value

We've invested in entrepreneurs from across the world and have seen what works. We will work with you to leverage these learnings.



A huge, global network of entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, experts and partners is behind you.

10 Years

of Experience

We've been supporting entrepreneurs in more than 80 countries for a long time - we're excited to bring this experience to you.

Validate and Level Up.

Most ventures fail because they are building something their targeted customers don’t actually need or want. The objective of the program is for you to validate the core assumptions your business relies on to reduce your risk, make amendments if needed, and to identify and double down on what works.

Validate the Desirability, Feasibility and Viability of Your Businesses with Real World Evidence

Cycle Between Business Design and Testing

Get a Clear Sense of Your Investment Readiness

World Class Mentors.

Gamified Experience.


Incubation. 6 Months.

The first six months are all about experimenting to validate the core parts of your business design. You'll choose from a library of experiment methodologies, customize the experiment for your needs, run it and analyze the outcomes to inform pivots or iterations to your business idea. You continue this process validating more and more of your business until you reach a high level of confidence that it will be viable. The experiment volume and outcomes determine your Investment Readiness Score. Every month there is an Investment Committee meeting where you will pitch your idea and share your learnings with an experienced group of investors and experts. You'll be supported by the Seedstars mentor network and experiment gurus who will help you design scientifically robust experiments. October 2022 - March 2023

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Acceleration. 3 Months.

If you have validated evidence of early product-market fit, you'll join the Acceleration Program for the last 3 months. The Acceleration Program is designed to support you through the startup 'Valley of Death' and prepare for fundraising. You'll continue experimenting, but receive additional tailored mentoring, support with fundraising documentation, and investor matching. April 2023 - June 2023

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What You Will Learn.

The Hustle of an Entrepreneur. The Rigor and Analytical Thinking of a Scientist.

The core elements of desirability, feasibility and viability that need to be validated for a successful business How to identify, prioritize, and validate the assumptions your business is based on How design, run and use experiments to inform your business design and increase your (and investors!) confidence that it will be successful

Digital & Data Skills

Digital skills like no or low code tools, MVP and landing page builders, google analytics etc. Hard skills like excel and slides for various use cases, financial models, product design and management etc. Data collection, management, visualization and analysis for data-driven decision making

Pitching & Fundraising

Constant pitching to an Investment Committee allows you to perfect your pitch and manage investor conversations The components of the Investment Readiness Score and what investors look for before investing in you The documentation required for fundraising

Vibrant Campus Life.

Campus isn't just a safe space to come work and learn, it's also a place to have fun, meet new people, and connect with career opportunities and partners. We'll be organizing regular social events and career fairs throughout the year. Our campus is located in Abidjan at Riviéra Bonoumin right next to the North-South University.

For Entrepreneurs, by Entrepreneurs.

The entrepreneurial training is run by Seedstars - we have 10 years of experience investing in (with a portfolio worth more than 1 Billion USD) and supporting entrepreneurs from more than 80 countries! There is a network of 250'000 entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, experts, and corporate partners here to not only support your venture, but also your personal development and career! Get a taste of who we are in the video.

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For Women, by Women.

The program will be hosted in parallel at Empow'her's Abidjan and San Pedro campuses. Empow'her has been dedicated to supporting women entrepreneurs across the Ivory Coast for years and is proud to make all of its hubs safe spaces for women to work, learn and find community.

We are proud to offer worldclass support for entrepreneurs. At no cost to you.

The DigiFemmes program is free for all women entrepreneurs who are accepted in the application process.

Let's get started!
  • 9 Months of Support
  • Vibrant Campus and Workspace
  • Investor & Mentor Introductions
  • Community of Women Entrepreneurs and Coders
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How to Join.

You are a woman entrepreneur with a startup or SME interested in the DigiFemmes Entrepreneures Track please apply - we want to hear from you! Please find details on the selection process below.

Step 1: Fill in the Application Form

Please fill in your details through application form by hitting the 'Apply Now' Button at top or bottom of the page.

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Step 2 - Interview

We'll have a quick chat with you to discuss your motivation and fit for the program.

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What You're In For.

Applications Open

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Application Deadline

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April 2023-June 2023

Let's Do This. Apply Now.

All you need to do is hit the 'Apply Now' Button and fill in your details! We are excited to meet you!

One more opportunity for you

You are a woman entrepreneur and your company belongs to a partner association of the DigiFemmes program, or You are a woman entrepreneur and you do not meet the selection criteria of the DigiFemmes Entrepreneur program, or You have applied to the DigiFemmes Entrepreneur program but have not been selected, or You have been selected to take part in the DigiFemmes Entrepreneures program and you would like your team members to strengthen their digital skills,

Join the Tech4Business program

Through our partnership with Microsoft, you or your team members have the opportunity to take the Tech4Business program. This is a short online training course, 100% free of charge, through which you will be able to deepen your entrepreneurial skills (how to create a business, explore the market, manage financial risks and objectives, study the market, etc.) but also the digital skills necessary for the good management of your business. More information to come

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